Automated Refilling of Gravity Fed Humidifier

I saw this post on here but no results. Here is what I have. I have a humidifier for my chameleon and it is gravity feed but I need it placed up high and refilling it will be a pain. I tried pumping water to it but it didn’t work. I added a check valve but that didn’t work. Any thoughts

I tried pumping water to it but it didn't work.

That is odd.

Twice You tell "didn't work". What/how did ti fail and what was Your setup and Your code? Pumpint to fill up a tank ought to be easy.
Check valve? Explain.

on a gravity feed, do you have a tank you fill in the sink, then turn upside down ?
any air in that will let the water rush out the bottom.

picture or link to a picture please.

you might need to convert to a hog trough style. a float fill valve or some such.