Autonomous robot platform

Hey all,

New to this forum and Arduino, but I’ve been in electronics and software for a long long time.

Got an Arduino Diecimila a few weeks ago and built a simple robot as a starter project. It uses continuous rotation servos and an Sharp ir range finder (GP2Y0A02YK).

My next post will have a picture and a link (can’t put them in my first posting).

My next project is going to be a programmable guitar effects pedal. I’m going to design a custom shield that includes a 12 bit DAC, 1/4" jacks, input and output amplifier and some pots.

Feel free to ask questions (through the forum or via email)

Here's a picture:

There's a bunch of info at my site about it including a parts list and a short movie.

Nice one! Its always a pleasure to see something interesting built using elegantly simple mechanics and code. And I was watching that conchords episode last night so had a laugh hearing robot boogie again.

Glad to see good use being made of the ServoTimer2 library. You may want to tweek the link on yr site so it points directly to the source code:

Looking forward to seeing the video of whatever your doing for you next project when its done.

I love the idea of using the b&d pocket power as a base. I just bought two from amazon.

indeed, I like the Pocket-Power-as-chassis thing too. Especially because I have three of them sitting right here [smiley=smiley.gif]

XD that music in your video was hilarious. Cool robot!


The servotimer lib makes the code look much nicer. I think I'll rewrite my robot code with the library instead of the old timer method...

Cheers, -Z-

This is totally of the arduino topic but what is the song you used in the video....just wondering....thanks!

It's called Robots by a New Zealand band called Flight of the Concords:

They have a TV series (2nd season about to air), it's awesome. Very clever, very funny.

you can watch the video on youtube:

well worth a few minutes of your time :)

so can the code be used on a duemalinove as well? im building a robot for a school project and your code is exactly what i was doing. this would be a great help as the deadline is coming up soon and i cant program very well. :-/

can the code be modified to use a ping))) ? thats what im using instead of an ir sensor.

also this is my first post so, hi everyone!! ive been reading the forums for 3 weeks now and just got my account registered. school blocks gmail and i havent had time to access from home.

im building an autonomous robot for my senior project and this code is perfect! ive got a deumalinove and ive been messing around with it and some basic code. (blinking lights, range finder, normal noob projects) but i havent recieved my c coding book from my friend at NC State yet. he builds and programs the navy seawolf autonomous robots and said he would send me his old c book. (yay! free 60$ book!) any help will be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

I don't see a reason why this code could not be used on the duemalinove as there is no difference between the boards for what is being done.

As for using the ping sensor, I would recommend looking at the lookAround function as that would be where the analog data for the IR scanner would be used, and you would need to update that code to handle your digital pin data. Should be a pretty easy adaptation with plenty of good docs on the playground to help you out.

bunedoggle, Nice work, I dig the simple design and your code looks nice and clean. Currently working on the same concept using tank tracks, ping sensor, and a couple IR's. Really neat to see it run around the house and chase the dog.

-Chris G.

I’m trying to adapt this code to a Ping sensor myself and Failing! If anyone could post this code adapted to a ping sensor that would be awsome

kennyj, perhaps if you posted your lookAround and scan functions with a description of what does and doesn't work, someone could advise on how to get it going. Why not start a new thread in the Hardware/Interfacing section

what is that mini board that your servos are plugged into? on the inputs on the arduino. (i would have edited a pic to more clearly show what i was talking about but photobucket locked me out :/ too many failed attempts, ill try again tonight when im at my shop) actually a wiring diagram would be more helpful now that i think about it. if you have one that is.

yep im bumping this from page 3 but im trying to build a similar robot and your solution seems more elegant.

also, im going to be running this on a duemalinove, will there being any problems trying to adapt your code to it?

thanks for any help ;3