AVR Microcontroller (Attiny or Atmega) + ESP8266 webserver + WS2812B


I want to control a WS2812B LED Light Strip over the browser on my mobile phone using WIFI. I know that there is this HowTo available


my problem is that I need 5 more input pins and the ESP8266 module is pretty limited in the pinouts.

Thats why I want to use an Attiny or Atmega microcontroller to controll the ESP8266 and to run the website.

Or can I create my own ESP8266 board with more pinOuts? Can this be flashed with an Arduino nano or Uno?

Or can I use this one with the Arduino IDE? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-V3-NodeMcu-Lua-WIFI-development-board-based-ESP8266-LoLin-with-newest-firmware/32368521069.html Will the WS2812B LEDs work with the higher frequency of the microcontroller?

Thanks in advance

Try looking for NodeMCU it is a esp8266 breakout that has more IO pins and usb to serial chip for convenience! I had some much bother trying to get some other esp8266 breakouts working and then this just worked from the very start! (also means you won't need to atiny)

can get them for under £10 here.

order 2 of these pieces :-)