AVR supportet MCUs for Arduino Bootloader

Hello I found in ... \ Arduino \ hardware \ arduino \ bootloaders \ atmega \ ATmegaBOOT_168.c these microcontrollers: AVR_ATmega128 AVR_ATmega64 AVR_ATmega32 AVR_ATmega1 AVR_ATmega8 AVR_ATmega88 AVR_ATmega168 AVR_ATmega162 AVR_ATmega163 AVR_ATmega169 AVR_ATmega8515 AVR_ATmega8535

Now I want to know, if all the specified MCU are compatible, to load the Bootloader on these MCUs, from my ARDUINO UNO. Whether are there other compatible MCUs and witch board i have to choose in AIDE to upload the bootloader for each.

^_^ Pip

If you review boards.txt, you can see which microcontrollers are used and the board name they are called.