avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error

I'm getting this error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

when uploading any sketch to my arduino. The arduino was fine before, and now all of a sudden it has acted up. The IDE says "done uploading", but the code does not upload. I'm using arduino uno on Windows 7, and the serial port and board are correct.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

This error occurs when you try to upload sketch while the Tx and Rx pins are used by other device.
try to remove any shield from the arduino before uploading the sketch,
or remove any wires from Tx and Rx pins (Pins 0 and 1)

if this not work, make sure you chose the right arduino Board from top menu.
I hope this solve your problem

The board is correct, and I have no shields or wires attached to tx or rx.

When I fried my arduino uno I got the same message. $ 3 for new chip fixed it for me. Make sure you have the right board selected from the tool tab.


Is there any way to check that the issue is a fried chip before I buy a new chip?

The old sketch is running? I had that problem when I tried to program an Arduino in a breadboard using my Arduino board as an programmer, but I forgot to connect the reset pin from the board to the breadboard.

I am also programming an arduino on a bredboard(bootloading)

I think the last sketch that was uploaded succesfully was the Arduino ISP sketch, but how would I check whether this is actually in there?

I don't understand what you mean by

connect the reset pin from the board to the breadboard.

If your using a uno pin 9 to a led will show the heart beat pulse of the arduinoisp sketch, pin 9 to a 220 ohm resister, then resistor to the anode of the led then conect the other end of the led to ground.


sciencekid: the serial port and board are correct.

Any ideas?

Bad cable?

Bad cable?

I have switched out the cable and that did not work.

The old sketch is running?

Yes, the arduino ISP sketch is running properly.

Any ideas?

another port ?


could also try moving your circuit to another part of your bread board, check the + v and ground pin with a a volt meter to make sure they are in contact with supplied voltage.


check your wiring, make sure it is correct and post your arduino with breadboard arduino wiring image.
i also face the same issue because of bad wiring.!

Are you trying to load a program on to the Arduino, or on to the breadboard atmega328 via the Arduino when you get this error? Did you add a capacitor to the arduino reset? Did you select the right programmer in the IDE? When I program a brand new blank atmega328 on a breadboard, I find I have to use a 16 MHz resonator the very first time until I have the fuse bits set to use the internal 8 MHz clock.

The error has changed to the Serial port not found error. However, the Arduino is plugged in and receiving power.

Is died, I think.

Okay, my problem is solved! :)

I removed the compacitor from reset to ground, and everything is now working fine.