avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Hi all,

I'm Gokay from Turkey. I am very new in Arduino.
I uploaded lots of sketch to my arduino, but last week While i was uploading the sketch to my arduino uno r3, it didint work. The error code was : avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I searched on internet who had same problem, i found some solutions like pressing the reset button during uploading the sketch, or changing com adress etc. But none of them worked :frowning:

I have 2 arduino uno r3, when i had this problem in my first arduino, i changed atmega 328 from first to second arduino, the result, both of them are not working right now. I tried burning bootlooader with arduino IDE, it didnt work too.

I bought new atmega 328 with bootloader, i tried on my arduinos but still same error massage.

Does anyone know the correct solution? Or do i have to buy new arduino and send these 2 arduinos to trash can?

Thanks in advance,


Hi gokaykutlu,

What Operative System are you using? Did your second arduino work before you changed the at328? Anyway I suggest you to make a serial loopback to see if your board responds. I suggest you to use putty for this.


Iam using Windows 7,

Second arduino uno was working, then i installed atmega328 from first arduino to second one, i saw same problem. Then i installed original atmega328 to second arduino. It had to be operate normally but now both of them give same error.

How can i check my arduino with serial method?

I am confused :confused:

Sorry, i edited my post while you were responding :stuck_out_tongue: Look the links I posted.

I have the same problem like you but it only concerns windows. For me, it works on ubuntu just fine. In my case, i think it is an update of the usb-drivers on windows, but i havenโ€™t had time to verify yet. I have the nano so i cannot update my drivers.

Edit: After loop-back, tell me what your RX and TX LEDs were doing (during test, of course :slight_smile: )

Hi again,

I tried my Arduino Uno R3 with loop-back method.
TX & RX are short-circuit, when i send something on transmitting page, i see same character on receiver page too. Pins are working properly.


What is next?

Also i'll try downgrading drivers of FDTI ([Solved] Driver issue windows 7 - Installation & Troubleshooting - Arduino Forum), But i'm not sure again it will work or not,

Forget about the downgrade. I could fix my problem that way but your drivers are working just fine, as does your FTDI and USB cable. Your uC at328 are new, you said ... so ... your problem is related to software? I don't know for myself; personally I doubt that. Are you able to install the IDE on another PC to check if the error occurs there as well? I think it is more likely that your board got damaged. In any case I can't help you any further or give you advice, sorry :disappointed_relieved:

I'm using window XP. Changed com1 to com3 under in the Tools/Serial port and everything works fine. It looks like it is working under com1, but it's not.