Bar LCD MIPI Interface?

Hey all,
I'm looking at this sweet display:
6.86 inch 1280x480 Bar IPS TFT LCD Display Screen MIPI for IoT

People in the comments claim to use it with Arduino but I can't for the life of my figure out which library I'd use to control it? Any ideas?

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I would search in STM32 forums for displays with serial MIPI interface.


Not sure quite what you mean, but thanks for the pointer.
I contacted the manufacturer who said there's no HDMI interface available, and no example code for Arduino.. so I'm like wtf?

TFT LCD Display Screen MIPI

MIPI is a set of specifications, as far a I know. MIPI DSI a specification for differential serial signals, afaik. And the connector looks like for MIPI DSI, I think.

There is at least one STM32 processor that has direct driving capabilities for MIPI DSI, with an embedded display driving module, but I don't remember which one.

I would never (again) buy such a display without a signal conversion board for it, e.g. from HDMI.

Any TFT or STM32 expert may correct me or provide additional information.


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