Basic code to produce an image on an 8x8 led dot matrix display

Hello everyone. I’m not sure how this forum works but I will explain my situation. I’m following the book “Beginning Arduino” and for project 19 you have to use a common anode led matrix display. All the hardware is wired correctly but when I upload the code, all that happens is the top row flashes on and off. The reason why I know it is wired correctly is because project 20, with the same setup, works as it should.

I was hoping that someone could post code that produces an image that is stationary. I’m using the TimerOne library so if anyone has code, would It be possible to post it here? Im new to this forum so do let me know if there are issues with what I require. Thanks for reading!

Can you post the code that you used?

Sounds like your multiplexing is not working.

There is an error in the code. The line that reads:

row = row << 1; // bitshift left

Should read:

row = row >> 1; // bitshift right

Sorry for not replying to my own post, my internet has been down for a little while :( Thanks Mike Mc, that did the trick, although three of my leds are not lighting. I can only assume that they buyer has given me a dodgy dot matrix...time to contact the supplier!