[BCSI] Battery Charging Status Indicator

Hey Guys,

I am currently working on my own beginner’s project on Arduino and I need some advise on it.

The idea of my Arduino Project is not the main point of this thread so I will just skipped that. The problem I have encountered is that:

I am using two 3.7V RECHARGEABLE Lithium battery to provide a 7.4V voltage supply to the board (Not directly to the board). What makes my head hurts is that how can I know / the board knows when the battery is charging? I know how to detect the battery level and display it on the screen. But how can I indicate the battery charging status on the screen? What pins should I use? Or maybe a transistor?

Any helps will be very much appreciated, thanks.

You measure the charging [u]source[/u], say separated by a diode, but you have not shown the circuit diagram so cannot say where that is ..?

This in the +line of the battery can measure voltage and charge/discharge current with an inbuild 12-bit A/D. Leo..

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I think I will have to use a current sensor then.

[Case closed]