Beat707 Pulse - Dual ATmega328 project with "Analog" styled waveforms

Announcing the Beat707 Pulse synth project created by Jack, our new contributor. This is based on the previous Beat707 SY LE project, but with some twists. This is a WORK in progress, as Jack wishes to see how many users will jump on board. We are gathering some money in order to pay Jack's time, so any contribution will be welcome. For that, we decided to make the project paid-for. You can still get schematics and source-code, for a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

Please, visit the following link for details on this project, including videos, mp3 and other links...

And you can hear some examples in this MP3:

And here's the new about Jack, our new contributor. :cool:

Hi WIlliam,
maybe you should consider an indiegogo or kickstarter project?