Beetle ?


I swear I've seen there is an Arduino Beetle but can't find it in the store... is that only a DFROBOT board ?


Yes, it is a DFR product rather than an official Arduino product.

Any info on how that compares with WeMos ESP8266 ?

I want to start a small altimeter project and need to decide the hardware direction.

Any help is welcome!

Thinking about doing WeMos since is 3.3V, low power consumption and eventually I'd have a choice to use WIFI to control it.

Well the Beetle is basically a shrunk down Arduino Micro, and there are plenty of resources to compare the regular Arduino offerings to the ESP8266/ESP32. I don't personally know too must about the ESP models, but you might struggle to get the power usage down to the level that you can get with the Beetle.

Thank you for insights. It’s already hard to find info on ESP platform. One thing i liked is that the sensors/displayes seem to be stackable or at least that’s what I’ve seen on few videos.

I love the Bettle/Micro route to due to 32K memory - basically is more or less a Uno reduced to a quarter…