Best Motor and Servos for RC Boat

I am looking to build a mid-sized remote-controlled boat. By mid-size I mean just over a foot long. The body will be made from carbon fiber, but I am having trouble finding a good motor to power the boat and servos to control the steering of the boat. It is my assumption that the motor will need to be submerged to drive the boat, so I think that it needs to be waterproof, but I could be wrong. I also am assuming that the motor should probably be brushless? If someone could send me links to suitable motors/controllers and servos then that would really help me a lot. Thanks!

I think you would get more useful advice about motors on some model boat Forum. A 12inch boat is quite small.

Why would the motor need to be submerged? The inside of a boat should be dry.


Picture worth a thousand words…little (600mm) Bobby Police Launch I built for my grandson.

Motor is brushless outrunner 28mm dia. power is one 7.4v lithium battery with a 10A speed controller.

Servo is miniature hobbyking HXT900.

Note…interior nice and dry…

@bluejets Ok, thanks. Your boat looks really nice!

Servo speed hack that might make for a simple variable speed/direction drive motor.