Best powersupply for Arduino Mkr 1000

I am really new to Arduino. I have a projekt, which needs to be powerd 24/7, which uses a Mkr 1000 as its Mikrocontroler. What is the best way to power the Arduino? I heard, that batteries just last very little time and I am genuinely scared to plug it into an outlet, I dont wont to start a fire or something :). I guess using batteries and recharging them with solar panels would be an option, but I guess that that sort of project is a bit to advanced for me.
Is there a better way I am not aware of?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The simple phone chargers that most phones use is a good starting point.
A lot depends on what else you are connecting to the board in the first place an those power requirements as the board does not supply much current.

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Thanks for the reply and sorry for not giving you all the information you needed :).
I am just going to connect 3 Servos to the board and I will be using SG90 9g Mini Micro Servos, which run on 5V.
So can I just plug a Phonecharge that outputs 5V into a powerplug? I have read that you shouldn't supply the board with more than 3.3V (, but I guess that's only true for the vin pin?

The USB port on the board converts the 5 volts from the phone charger for you and is perfectly safe.

The servos on the other hand require more current than the board can supply so will need a seperate 5 volt feed and a common ground back to the Arduino as well.

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Alright, thank you very much for your great Help! Have a nice Day :slight_smile:

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