Best RF Scanner for RF Arduino Projects

Hi, I'm planning on studying consumer RF devices more and I would like to ask what is an ideal RF scanner to read frequencies on different bands. In the past, I have worked with 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz, but I want to look into 400MHz, as well as RFID.

Is there a scanner that can scan a wide range of frequencies?

You were doing well to describe your study until you included RFID. There are many, many different types of RFID. Some low frequency, some high frequency and some are transponders which require a coded RF power signal in order to respond.
There are many SDR devices, Software Defined Radio, available that cover the frequencies you mention.
How close to the devices you are studying are you able to get?

Regarding RFID, I plan to study them on an almost contacted level. Something like a credit card. What sparked my interest were two things: my garage door and my new credit card. The credit card was advertised as "contactless" but I'm a bit weary about its security.

My goal with the RFID was to see if I can read raw bytes/signal from my old hotel card and credit card. I wish to do the same thing for my garage door. Both will involve the use of Arduino and an appropriate sensor. Alternatively, for the other frequencies I mentioned, may I ask what is an ideal aftermarket RF hobbyist scanner? I know in the realm of FPV drones, such devices exist, but I have never had my hands on one...

The hotel card we used this last Spring was a transponder type that requires a specific device to use it. There are also RFID used to identify your pet dog/cat or the farmers cow.
I told you the easiest device to use for a vast span of frequency reception is a Software Defined Receiver used with the sound card in your PC. You can program it to scan or what ever you want. Also see the received signals on a waterfall display.
Your ideal will not be my ideal, so no help there.

Thanks, Paul, I think you've set a good path for my research : )

You should be kept busy for a few years!
Good luck, Paul

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