Best website to buy pcb components

Hello. I recently bought my pcbs and I'd really like to "populate" them with components (female/male headers, resistors, leds...). I live in Italy, Europe. What is the best website to order these components? Thank you!

My personal favourite is Taobao, doesn’t get cheaper than that and if I really want it fast I ask for direct delivery. Order late afternoon and sometimes had it delivered the next day by lunch (not bad for a cross-border shipment). Don’t know if they ship to Italy, maybe the consolidate shipping method does, that’s what I normally use as it’s much cheaper. Typically a day or two from shop to warehouse; then upon my consolidation order a day or two to get to me.

Otherwise stick to the usual suspects: Digikey, RS Components, Element14, Mouser - to name a few well recognised distributors of components (and more). There are more such companies. They’re usually quite fast; RS usually delivers to me in 2-3 days.

Amazon, E-bay and Aliexpress also have lots of shops selling all kinds of components. Many of those will no doubt ship to Italy; transit time for shipping to you varies between shops of course.

Thank you! Now I'm gonna check which one is the best for me ;)

There's also Relatively low shipping costs for smaller orders and sometimes they actually have stuff that other don't have.

Thank you, but I'm still having problems to find this:

fc-da1608wd-460h5 led

It should be a led that I can solder to the pcb but I don't find it

nicolopadovandev: Thank you, but I'm still having problems to find this:

fc-da1608wd-460h5 led

That looks like a fairly-standard white LED in a 0603 surface mount package so you should be able to find an alternate.

What do I have to search? The specific name or Led 0603 surface?

On ebay you can get 100 assorted 0603 LEDs (including white) for €1 including shipping. Note that 0603 LEDs are tiny, and should be soldered with solder paste and a rework station (hot air). Leo..

Or if you use Digikey or Mouser use their part selection tools, select the colour of the LED and the footprint you're looking for, and you'll get lots of options.