Bi-Directional NRF24L01 Strings

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice to set me off on the right path and hopefully prevent some daft questions later!

I am building a chemical doser which is an arduino UNO running two peristaltic pumps, the pumps will be set by the user to run for X number of seconds at certain times of the day. The user interfaces of commercial dosers are very poor, with a 2 / 4 line LCD and up/down/left/right buttons to set the times & durations etc. So I have a plan…

The doser will have no screen or buttons but will receive it’s instructions from a second dedicated “programmer” arduino UNO via NRF24L01’s. The “programmer” arduino will receive instruction from the user via an interface written into the Serial Monitor, simplifying the programming significantly. The second arduino won’t be permanently available, only plugged into the user’s PC when the user chooses to update the doser’s schedule.


So my plan is that the doser will spend 99% of it’s time checking the EEPROM stored dosing schedule against the time of day, and on every loop it’ll check if there has been any data received to the NRF24L01.

The “programmer” arduino (when plugged in and under control of the user via Serial Monitor) will send a coded number to the doser, the doser will check against a switch / case list and respond to the second “programmer” arduino accordingly - for example supplying the “programmer” arduino with the current stored schedule in the doser’s eeprom.

I understand C (and google!) enough to program the logic of the above steps, however with only basic knowledge choosing which NRF24L01 library and example to start with confuse me a great deal. I don’t have sufficient programming knowledge to make significant changes to the NRF24L01 libraries.

Could someone kindly recommend a NRF24L01 library and example which would get me started with this bidrirectional String / Int communication?