Big Problems with DCF77-Module


I´ve got yesterday a Arduino Uno board and i want to initialize the internal clock with a dcf77 Modul. I´m not sure wether the pin connections are right (I´m a very beginner :slight_smile: ). The dcf77 module is from a normal wall clock.

yellow = pon (i think that means power on).
black = gnd
blue = rf
red = vcc

I think i can receive a bit combination in dcf1.png it is an example of the DCF77 library. The example is DCFSignal i guess. In the picture DSC_0068 you can see where the DCF module was connected to.
But the example InternalClockSync can´t recive the bit combination.
Here is the download link
Please could someone help me :slight_smile:

Nice greetings Thomas