Birthday Present For My Friend :)

Hi! I made my friend a cool little present for his birthday. Here is the link to the video :slight_smile:

Did you really make the battery compartment out of lollipop sticks? lol

You have some skills; nice job. Your friend is lucky to receive something so personalised and not just some thoughtless tat off the shelf.

You are a busy man, good work.

You might find some interesting items in the 700+ posts here:

Thanks! I am the kind of person that is very resourceful and efficient. I try to use what I have whenever possible, but I always end up having to buy something, so that really stinks. For example I had to buy a regulator to convert the 5 volts to 3 volts. Even though it was 5 dollars, the little things add up. I bought 2 in the pack that I bought, and the other one was faulty. I am making another project similar to this for someone else and there project also needs the regulator, so now I have to go buy some more. :confused:

When I finish the other sign I am making, of course it will go up here. You guys are seriously the best, and I have learned so much from all of you.

And I will make sure to check out the page, thanks for the resource.

I got my first pcb made a couple weeks ago. They came in yesterday and it is amazing! I soldered everything up and it worked great!


can i be your friend?? :slight_smile:

Thanks, and sure!