BL3256 Bluetooth Audio board

Well, I guess I've become spoiled on support. Everything I've done with Arduino has been, buy an interesting device, get the library or example code, and get it working. This time... google brings up crickets... nada, just people hawking the "Arduino Compatible" board.

I've got one... don't know how to use it, not even entirely sure what it does, but I've got one. Cost less than $4, shipping included, and Alibaba says they're a buck per for a min order of 5, plus shipping. Yes, very cheap. I asked the Alibaba seller if they had any datasheets... nope.

The board is wrapped around a BK3256 chip, with a few other items.

The chip manufacturer says it is a:

Bluetooth audio device. It integrates the high-performance, transceiver, rich features baseband processor, and
Bluetooth audio profile.

Key Features
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR compliant
A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.0 and HFP v1.5 profile
Integrated stereo ADC and stereo DAC
Five bands hardware equalizer
Digital equalizer for stereo line in
Full duplex hands-free speakerphone
Up to 250 mA charge controller

Bluetooth stereo speaker
Bluetooth stereo headset
Bluetooth control and multimedia hybrid

So, could be interesting. Searching for the datasheet for the BK3256 chip brings up a few very odd Chinese sites that actually show the English datasheet in a flash player, want you to download some bin file to install and let you download (or so Google translate says). No thanks... I've managed to get some screen grabs, but that's the best I've found so far. Looks to be a very interesting chip...

Not sure what the support items on the pcboard add to it. The BG25Q40 also comes up blank for datasheets. You can buy a programmer for the chip though, so it might be some kind of microcontroller.


Anyone have better luck finding a decent pdf of the datasheet?

Anyone know anything more about the module?

Any suggestions for how to figure out how to use it?

I don't really care... don't have any pressing need for it. It just seemed interesting enough to blow $4 on it, and it still seems interesting enough to put some effort into figuring out how to use it.


edit: sigh... now this page comes up at the top of the search list on Google. This might take a while.

I did a little research on the chip you mention, turns out they make a lot of audio BT chips.
"BEKEN" even have system-on-chip models, that could be programmable directly ? Anyway, you're right saying there's no support: no datasheets, or development guide ...

My advice would be to stand by, or try it and find out by yourself.

I am looking for an audio bluetooth module to use with Arduino, and apart from the costly solutions from Bluecreation (BC127) and Microchip (RN52), I can't really find anything worthy ...