BLDC Motor controller circuit help

I want to make a BLDC controller and i have used a chinese JY01 ready made board but that one was not being able to operate on more than 36 VDC and i want it to be for 48V
So i have looked at the circuit of that board but there are a few things that i cannot understand.

They are using LM339 comparator but the whole circuit of using LM339 in this diagram is wrong according to my knowledge because LM339 cannot give a 5V output we have to put PULL Up resistor between output to make LM339 OUT 5v.

Please let me know if the circuit of LM339 is correct or not because it seems to be the biggest thing to run this circuit other things are pretty straight forward.

Besides please look at the circuit and let me know if it is right or not as i may have to design a pcb for this circuit and i don't want it to be wrong.

Personally, I wouldn't be wasting my time trying to use a part when the only available data sheet is in Chinese. But, considering there is a reference schematic in that data sheet that uses the LM339 without pull-ups, it’s likely the JY01 provides the pull-ups internally.

Additional, I’d be very cautious of those 100 ohm gate resistors. Of course, your mileage may vary, depending upon the mosfets selected.