BLE Central via Dongle

There are dongles for desktop computers USB->Bluetooth Low Energy. Could they work on Yún? Is there anything that would need to be installed to make that work?

I ask because it looks like the Red Bear shield is BLE peripheral. And it would be interesting if the Yún could be BLE central.

Amazon, $12.91 , free 2 days shipping

That beats the price of a Red Bear BLE shield. It is a great thing to know if you are interested in supporting a BLE peripheral on the Yún. But there is another side of BLE: central. That is the thing that listens to advertising from peripherals and requests services.

The use I had in mind is to have a Yún provide an internet connection to a cluster of BLE peripherals. Since internet connections are scarce and expensive compared to BLE devices, this could be efficient.

The next step is to find the software support to handle that kind of usage.


Bought the aforementioned USB dongle and installed it according to this: (only to the step where we activate/"up" the module).

Now I need to pair it with my HC-05 and communicate with it... Does anyone know how we speak to devices/ports/bus ?

Currently my HC-05s are already sending and receiving perfectly from eachother (UNO currently sends floats with its HC-05 to a HC-05 connected to the YUNs 32u4-side (HC-05s directly connected to digital pins) and the YUN sends commands to the UNO).

But how do I receive/send anything with this USB-Dongle on the Linino-Side?! (Preferably with Python...)

And which way is the best to send/receive anything from the arduino-side to the Linino-Side and vice versa? Bridge-put/get?

Imagine this: 1. First I need to receive floats coming from my UNO on the linino-side. 2. Then the linino-side must transfer them to the sketch/32u4-side 3. The 32u4 e.g. displays them on a LCD.

And the other way around for commands

Even pairing is more difficult than I thought...

help! :(

Guys I’m trying to properly configure the USB-Dongle but documentation is scarce and up to now all that i could achieve was setting the setting of the HC-05 right (through AP-commands, easy part) and install all kinds of packages on the YUN (except important ones like “bluetooth” , “passkey-agent”, “hidd”,… which are all not available through opkg…will try with a virtualenv and pip / easy_install)

although hcitools and hciconfig work and show me the dongle/inquire and scan correctly/…, the “hcitool cc” command somehow won’t connect: “FAIL”


Here are some (more) useful links (so anyone attempting suicide can jump faster…):