Bluetooth and usb at the same time

I got one dps5005 and one dph5005. I'm looking to provide multiple connection interfaces like:

  • Usb
  • bluetooth
  • wifi using esp8266 + blynk

On the esp tutorial says it's modbus.

Is it possible to connect all the modules in parralel and just use them one by one at a time ? Or do I need a switch to power on just one of them.

Powersource. BLUETOOTH. USB. Esp8266
RX. Tx. Tx tx
Tx. Rx. Rx. Rx

At the moment it is randomly working and I am trying to understand why.

In the default pc application of the power source there is an option to set the slave address.

What is the slave address? Is the power source the slave and the connection module is the master?

As i said in a previous topic where i have not provided enough informations:

I got two of this neat bench power supply made by Ruideng. The models are dps5005 and dph5005. These devices come with a usb or bluetooth connection in order to controll them by their app.
I got both connection modules. the usb module is enabled by CH340 and the bluetooth module is enabled by bk3231. Both are rs232/rs485 compatible and both are using 3.3v for signals, same as the bench power source.

The communication protocol for the bench power supply is specifically MODBUS RTU. This can be used via RS232, RS485 or Bluetooth serial interface.

So: Now I am looking to connect the bench power supply to blynk, but I also want to keep the connection to the default pc program.

First priority:
How should I connect all the modules together to able to use one of these at a time without frying any of them? :smiley:

Second priority:
How should I do to be able to use the pc connection and blynk connection at the same time.
In case of a charging program controlled by the pc app and mobile blynk app for monitoring.

As i said in a previous topic where i have not provided enough informations:

The solution is to provide the information there, NOT start a new post.

ok. sorry about that. i though that i could not modify the title anymore.

So, are you able to help me at all?

Are these module connection deactivating when there is no connection to them. I mean if there is no bluetooth connection to the module is it going to interfere anyhow to the rest of the circuit. Same for the usb module?

If not: does it do the job if i just use a switch to power on only the connection i want to use?

Thank you!

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