I have been developing a Bluetooth/serial data logger and have opted to use a HC-05 module. Reading through the data sheets I am given the impression I can connect to multiple slave devices at a time. The point-to-point type communication leads me to think only one slave can communicate to the master module at a time. However, my question is how do I set up this module to scan/monitor several linked/paired slave modules at a time. Can it do this quickly? Anyone with any ideas/ experience dealing with these tricky little modules ????


There isn't much tricky about these little modules, until you try to do things they are not designed to do.

I believe you can do it by putting the device into AT mode using Arduino rather than manually, and polling the various slaves sequentially. This implies using a JY-MCU module rather than the ones with a button switch. Here is a starting point.

I think you are better off using a NRF24 network. NRFs are inherently better for Arduinos to talk amongst themselves, bluetooth is better for one to talk to the outside world.