Bluetooth HC-05: how serial com port does it open on Linux?

Hi, I'm doing a test with Arduino and HC-05 bluetooth module, on Linux Debian. The module, which I called 'Foo', is properly configured: the bluetooth manager Blueman finds it and connect to it. Anyway I suspect the process is incomplete, because I do not find in /dev the expected serial port /rfcomm0. I succesfully did this operation some month ago, but now I do not remember the right steps in order to pair the bluetooth connection to the opening of a new serial port /dev/rfcomm0 How can I configure this? I looked for some cue on blueman application, but did not find anything. Thanks Valerio

PS: command line hcitool scan responds: Scanning ... 98:D3:31:70:18:9E FOO

PS2: Processing Serial.list() reports only the canonical serial ports:

[0] "/dev/ttyS0" [1] "/dev/ttyS1" [2] "/dev/ttyS2" [3] "/dev/ttyS3" [4] "/dev/ttyUSB0"