Bluetooth Keyboard-/Mice-Host

Hello everyone,

as I got a Bluetooth-Keyboard and -Mice that do not have any switching functionality or are able to be used on multiple computers, I'm trying to build a switch for them. That means:

  • The device should be able to receive Keystrokes / Micemovement and interpret these.
  • The device relays this strokes to USB, Bluetooth, whatever…

As there are many examples provided, I hope that point 2 shouldn't be that hard. I'm more worried about point 1. I understand, that I need a bluetooth-host-module (Bluetooth-dongle and USB-host-shield?), but then I must also implement the Bluetooth HID protocol. I don't know if thats already done. Are there any pointers? Is the Arduino even able to do that?

Edit: Maybe someone knows a device that receives USB-Keystrokes and send them out as USB signal? That way the Arduino could interpret them?

Thanks in advance for any tips!