Bluetooth module not working

I connected the bluetooth module HC-06 to the arduino
the circuit is as shown below. the LED on the bluetooth module is not lighting up.


Eventually you apply the wrong voltage to the module, or the module requires more current than supplied.

It's a good idea to buy at least two modules of the same type, to determine whether it's a faulty module or some other problem.

Possibly wrong voltage AND inadequate current. You are running the module off the 3.3v pin. If you move it to 5v, it may work OK. Also note that it is good practice to use a 1k/2k voltage divider on Bluetooth Rx. this does not necessarily mean you have fried anything - just good practice. Also there is already a LED provided on pin 13. If you move that to another pin, it would be a good idea to provide a limiting resistor.

make sure the rx tx line between arduino and bluetooth are temporarily disconnected when you upload your sketch then reconnect them to run