Blynk+RF Automation!

I'm a hobbyist n0ob trying to implement the ESP8266 into my current home "automation" setup.

My goal is to use the Blynk app on my phone to trigger an RF transmitter on an ESP8266 to toggle the status on those cheap RF outlets that run on 433mhz.

My question starts with where my code should go in the Blynk skech. I know it needs to be under voidsetup() because im not looping anything... right?

-and by code, i mean the code my ESP8266 sends to the RF transmitter which contains the frequency information for ON and OFF...

I'll start there for now. One problem at a time.
If this is unclear, let me know and ill attach screenshots/links/material

Step 1. Get the RF module working without Blynk.
Step 2. Get blynk app working without the module.
Step 3. Combine the codes.

Your main code does not go into the void setup() section. If will either be in the void loop() or another section dedicated to Blynk.

There are a lot of Blynk examples so you could start there. You should start simple. Start with lighting a led from the app.

So I have done all of that, and I can operate the RF outlets using http requests from my phone's browser. What I am trying to do is trigger the code to run ONCE for every time I hit a button on my blynk app.

So basically, I need to find out how to run functions off of a blynk app button connected to a virtual pin. I literally cannot find any information about this on youtube of forums. Seems like all people want to document online is their ability to flash an LED from across their yard or whatever.