board doesn't show in tool>port

please help.. i connect my arduino and the port doesn't show in the IDE.. i have try to update according to but i cannot find file..

thank you for your help..

What board? (Post a link to where you got the board from).

What operating system?

im using arduino uno..

im using arduino uno..

Are you proposing answering one question at a time when three were asked?

One word answer wont help here. Elobrate your effort you done solve the issue.

Let us know which OS is using??

goto device manager-> port → check whether port detected or not. if highlighted with yellow means drivers not isnstalled. you need to install driver.

i have attached driver file for reference. download & unzip it.

goto device manager-> port ->updatedriver-> manually update-> choose location folder where u unzip the driver file attached here.
apply changes. (1.19 MB)