Board Search for single Vibration Motor

I have a project involving mini vibration motors and coin cell batteries ( likely model CR2450 3v).

I've tested various coin cell batteries connecting the 3v motor directly to the battery, and found commonly after 20 minutes the battery needs to take a 10 minute rest or so to recharge.

I hope to have ten independent motors active for an hour, and now have to consider ways of maximizing the battery life. I am looking for suggestions on an Arduino board able to run on 3v coin cell batteries, like Gema or lily pad. I am just afraid the gema will not operate on the coin battery long enough since the minimum input voltage is 4v.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in or outside Arduino boards. I'd like to keep the total design under 30 mm if possible. And again, my main concern is achieving durational longevity in battery life.


The cell you wish to use simply does not have enough power storage for what you want to do. You will need to come up with a different cell or connect some in parallel.


you might go for a lithium ion battery. coin cells tend to have high internal resistance so when driving them, you may be wasting a lot of energy from heat generated inside the battery. they make small 100mAh batteries that are tiny. the plus of lithium is also that the voltage is around 3.7 (with a max of 4.2! right after charging, be aware of that), and the cutoff voltage is usually 3.3 volts. now the adafruit gemma board has an ultra-low dropout regulator, so it's perfect. it's already designed to work well with a single cell lithium battery.

a battery like this would work fine

the amp hour rating is lower, but the voltage will stay relatively steady until it gets to about 70% used, and with a lower internal resistance it would be more efficient, so you might get similar runtimes.