Bought this 3.2' LCD on Ebay: HY32D

Ordered an lcd on ebay, one of those touch screen 3.2' LCDs with SD card slots, advertised to have ssd1289 lcd driver. In the mail i recieved an lcd with none of those models on it and no SD card slot. It says model: HY32D, has anyone heard of these? here is a link

I was just wondering if there were any libraries for this lcd around or would i have to program in spi from scratch? And more importantly if this LCD is garbage or if it will work on the arduino... Thanks!

UPDATE: I have read through the datasheet and noticed it does indeed use the ssd1289 driver, is theere a library for this?

Just had a little look on google and this popped up - the library does mention supporting the ssd1289.
Good luck!

There is arduino library:
You can buy a shield at their site,

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I have seen this too and got the library, i was under the impression that i needed the shield though, Do I need the shield to properly connect it to the arduino? I have the lcd just by itself without the shield already and if i were to buy the shield it would come with an lcd. I cant seem to find the board design for the shield to see which pins it uses on the 40 pin connector of the lcd module.

I am probably going to buy this shield
It looks as though it uses up ALL of the arduino mega pins which makes it hard for me to use the megas inputs to capture data to display… Unless I am mistaken?

No, you don't need the shield, but using the shield will make things much easier. You could build a small breakout board for the lcd to sit in and interface with it that way. You could use double row headers and plug it into a breadboard.

The datasheet (p2) has the pin mappings you'll need to get this running, seems to need 34 IO lines, which is a lot, but if you're using ATMEGA1218-16 you should have around 54 IO lines to play with.

Good luck!

datasheet - pg 2