Breadboard to perfboard (wires)

i want to take my project form the breadboaed to a perfboard. My questino is how do i solder the wires that will connect the components? Do i solder them on top of the soldered pins of the elements, or to the hole next to the pins?

Through hole components are put through the hole in the perfboard (no surprise there) and soldered from the other side

If you need to connect components with wires you can do it on either side of the board, but only one component wire or connecting wire goes through each hole

Do you have a problem with a particular component ?

this one for example. do i just solder the tips of the wires and the button is connected to the arduino?

Has that perf board got any copper on the other side ?

it has some copper cycles around the holes


soldered wires

so you solder the wires on top of the pins?

The pins go through the holes and are soldered on the bottom side of the board and cut off. Wires can then be soldered to same pad to connect either to other pads on the bottom of the board or to external devices although it is more normal to do this by passing the wire through from the top and soldering it on the bottom of the perf board.

Where two or more pads need to be connected together on the bottom side and they are close together the solder pads can be connected by lengths of cut off component leads

Examples of these techniques can be seen in the photos posted by @Idahowalker above

Bear in mind that there are no actual rules for how to do this, just best practice learned over a period of years, so feel free to do it however suits you. For instance, if you want to, feel free to put components on both sides of the board

Here is another example

Top of the board with an ESP32 and INA219 in sockets

Bottor of the same board

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I solder the pins to the pad, I solder the wire to the pad.

I personally don't like the 1 pad per hole prototype boards. I much prefer the type shown below. While I agree it might be a little limiting I find making multiple connections much easier.

I prefer the cheapest single sided 1 pad per hole boards. It is easy to mix THT and SMD components. I use legs of the THT parts as traces to nearby components.

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