Brushless motor back and high current and IC

I'm trying to replace the brain of my neato vacuum which is broken.

I've already repair a cleaning MOP but with this one I have a problem with the brushless motor which is throwing some party fun in the circuit. First I was Using the onbord 5v regulator from the l298n module like this:

when the brushless FAN motor start turning quickly, the Atmega start to hang. I've tred to use a powerbank to power the IC and it was going well.

I've start to plug a regulator LM7805 on the battery power source, It was really better, but one time or two I have notice a little hang.

here is a video to explain:

How could I filter more the current for my IC? Put others capcitors?

Maybe starting the wheels once the brushless motor speed is stabilized could be an idea? Could use some delay inside the IC before starting?

Your schematic already looks a little suspect with a 15V input and a 12V motor wired direct to that.

Note: On schematics, where something is an input or output and you don't have a connector plug to draw, always make a little line going off to "nowhere" and put the label on that line. You have labelled one node "15V" on a "net" of wires and there's no indication where this magical 15V arrives from.

Note2: Ground symbols. Use them.

So far it looks pretty good for isolating the Arduino from the raw 15V and brushless motor. You have an appropriate power supply chip with appropriate capacitors on both sides of it. Unelss your wiring is especially messy, this looks like it should work.

Since you have (hopefully) stable 5V, you should wire this directly to the Arduino's 5V pin. Going through Vcc pin means the Arduino gets less than 5V to work with.

Hi, it is 2 nimh pack 2*7.2v so it is a power source indeed.

it is not an arduino it is an atmega alone.
if it is quiet well isolated whith the regulator maybe it is the l298N who is exposed to the brushless "storm".

:arrow_double_up: added a video in the desc