BUILD: Arduino+Stepper remote motion controlled Camera Slider - Pictures

Guys, this is my first big project, any help and advise appreciated (Sorry if my english is not perfect :blush:).

Remote Controlled Camera Slider

Goal: Build a camera slider of 1,5 Meter length, suitable to pull camera payload of up to 6 kg at 45 degrees inclination. Powered by an Arduino Uno and a Nema 23 Stepper Motor MOT-AN-S-060-020-056-L-A-AAAA (

First phase of the project: Build the slider, attach motor, driver and arduino and get it running using the AccelStepper library.

Second phase of the project: Attach a bluetooth and/or wifi module to the Arduino so it can be remote controlled with devices like Tablet, Computer and Smartphone. Build IR shutter control for the camera.

Optional: -Positioning system for slider using an optical mouse sensor.

The motor driver is a Leadshine DM556 Digital Stepping Driver (, the power supply is a Mean Well SP-320-48(

Slider Parts: Igus DryLin rail with compatible carriage:, Maedler Belt Drive. Various custom parts made with Ultimaker.

Right now i am writing some simple Arduino sketches and testing the setup Arduino+ DM556 Driver+Stepper Motor+Power Supply. Btw, i adjusted the power supply to provide 38 V instead of 48. I am running the Stepper with 1.5 A RMS @ 38 V in 1/4 microstepping mode (selected this with dip switches on the driver).
I need fast acceleration profiles which are robust against step loss, right now i am experimenting with the AccelStepper library.

Can you give me advise on how to optimise the system setup(e.g. better/smaller driver, advise on how to wirelessly control the arduino, great sketches)?

Julia :slight_smile:

Hi Julia, I would like to build a very similar camera dolly for a Canon 5D, this is my project: , I try to use a pololu ( stepper driver, it might be too weak for your motor but you can take a peek they are pretty straightforward. Anyway if you find out about the speed control of the stepper with a rotary encoder please send me . Thanks, Istvan