Building 250v 15Amp Arduino Controlled Outlet

I'm looking to build two 250v Outlets with up to 15Amps each (Really would only be using about 10 Amps) and control it with an Arduino, hopefully for a budget of under $50.

My idea is to buy two of these relays -

Where I need assistance is powering the relay itself. It's rated at 24v input. So my only thought would be to have a separate 120v incoming power supply then a 120v to 12v transformer to power the 250v relays. I'm not sure if that will be able to power both relays though?

Any suggestions will help!

Or maybe this will work?

Yes, a module like that is "in the ballpark". Is this your first electronics project? If so, it's not a good idea to play with mains voltages. It's not so bad if you kill yourself. What's really tragic is if it's someone else.

I've completed numerous electronics projects, just never any at this voltage. I've never gone above 120v. Any relay I've previously used can be triggered via 5v, I've never had to use a separate module outside of an Arduino.

Show me what you did. It will give me some idea of whether you're qualified to work with high voltages.

I mean I haven't built a house, but I've installed my own ceiling fan and lights and things of that nature, that's about the only high voltage I recall doing.

I've created a few 120v AC WiFi controlled switches with some ESP8266's using just the basic HiLetgo 120v Relay. These were never for any high power devices though, mainly like a plugin fan or a desk lamp. I transformed my sons tonka truck into an RC truck haha. I've done work with 12v DC, and 24v DC.

This is not my first project using a Relay. I've also used buck converters and things of that nature.
I've also worked at a hospital as a tech and we installed Low Voltage lines for PoE devices, Fiber Optic as well, never installed any High Voltage there though. We did crimp our own lines with connectors after which doesn't mean much, but I wouldn't say I'm a total newbie. Most of my work doesn't involve AC current though.

Have any images of the build?

I do not, but this is what was done, and maybe it's incorrect. Purchased a 15amp wall outlet and junction box. 120VAC -> 15Amp Wall Plug -> 14AWG wire -> Ground & Neutral directly to Outlet, Hot wire to Relay -> Relay to Outlet. Also 120VAC -> buck converter -> ESP8266 -> Relay. Also ground to ESP8266

It sounds correct but could be constructed safely or not safely. I think someone else will have to jump in, I don't leave myself legally liable by advising on projects that have an element of danger to human life, where the details of the construction are unknown. Sorry, nothing personal.

Well I haven't gone any farther yet, but after some more research I'm looking at this right here -

My next question would be, what is the safest way to control this with an Arduino. I'm not completely familiar with Contactors. If I use an Arduino and a relay - does the relay need to support 40 amps as well?

Your question proves to me that you're not qualified to work with high voltages. Sorry. I suggest finding internet enabled switches and control your load that way.

I found the solution to my question on my own. Thank you for your suggestions though.

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