Building a MIDI device


I'm new here and was hoping to get some confirmation on whether Arduino will be the go to solution for my problem.

To give a brief summery; what I want to achieve is a hardware controller that I can use to drive software.

Like a keyboard, but with knobs and dials (ideally a trackball as well), rather than just buttons. I've been looking around the web, and a midi controller seems to be exactly what I want.

The software I want to control has an elaborate Python API, which I'm well familiar with. I was hoping to have the device send signals to the computer, which at that point I then can pick up and bind to relevant actions using Python.

I'm planning to use this device at the place I work. It's a fairy large organization, which means I don't have root permissions to my workstation.

Therefore, the device needs to be "plug and play" and won't require device drivers to be installed. Python-wise I can do whatever I like, but I'm unable to install software. Besides that it needs to runs under Linux (preferably cross platform though)

Over the last couple days; I've been doing some research into Arduino midi projects. What I can't seem to find out is whether such hardware would still require drivers to work properly on a computer. Also, what kind of Arduino would be the best fit. So far the Arduino Uno seems a nice board to start with.

Are the things I just listed even possible? And if so, does anyone happen to have any pointers of where to start? (like a link to a similar project I can look into).

Much appreciated!