Building a Stewart Platform using Arduino Uno & hobbyist servos

Hi guys, as stated in the title I am trying to build a Stewart Platform using hobbyist servos and an Arduino (see image below). I have searched around for hobbyist servos although I am unsure which brands to trust and wondered if you kind people could recommend some reliable servo brands that you have used over the years.

In terms of servos I am looking for a standard size servo with a good degree of accuracy. (This is especially important as I know some of the cheaper hobbyist servos don't fully return back to the default position after a movement which could cause problems in a Stewart Platform).
I am also looking for a servo with a somewhat high torque to be able to support a maximum weight of 1kg on the Stewart Platform. Speed is not too essential as long as the platform can have a smooth transmission without stuttering movements.
In terms of cost I was thinking of around £10 per servo (around $14) as I will need 12 total servos, 6 servos for the Stewart Platform and 6 other servos for the other moving parts in the project.
I was originally looking at the Parallax Standard Servo but unfortunately they are out of stock in most places.

Any help or suggestions of brands would be much appreciated.

Stewart Platform

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