Burnt out component

I got this Vex servo cheap because it doesn’t work very well.
When you plug it in runs normal for a couple of seconds, starts twitching then smoke pours out the bottom.
I opened it up and found the troublemaker.
What is this burnt component?


P.S. the little piece of plastic that says ‘22 16V’ came off the burnt piece as far as I know and if anyone wants a picture of the piece taken off, i could do that.


Looks like a 22uF 16V capacitor to me (judging by the markings on the part that fell off). It could have been put in backwards.

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i was suspecting it was a capacitor i just haven't seen them shaped like that i have a limited knowledge of capacitor so it would be better to use a slightly higher rated capacitor than a lower one right? the closest i have is 100uf at 10v

What voltage is being applied here? If it's above 10V then you can't use it (even if it's close to 10V I'd stay away). The one that burnt out is rated for 16V so I'm thinking 10V is probably not safe.

It's definitely better to use a higher-rated (in VOLTAGE) capacitor than a lower one. The actual capacitance probably doesn't matter as much in this application.

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wow i seriously just mixed up the numbers 6 and 16. my multimeter is reading about 13 volts so ill have to use a higher capacitor thanks for the help