Button box for Racing and Flight sim rig

Ok so I posted this un another section and it was recommended I post here.... I just received my arduino mega 2560 and I am going to be using it for a button box for my sim racing & flight sim rig. I will have 8 momentary pushbuttons (with LED that is always on) and 3 rotary encoders. I have no idea about programming or anything like that so im wondering best place to find a program that will help me run these buttons and encoders? any help much appreciated.

I'd recommend using a Teensy microcontroller. They have more inputs and more importantly can function as a USB Keyboard or a USB Gamepad without causing you too much of a headache.

The project sounds straight forward though. I'd highly recommend these libraries for helping you accomplish your task.

Encoders - https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_Encoder.html Pushbuttons - https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_Bounce.html

If you're starting from scratch with programming skills, you can those up from just about anywhere. Google or look into some books. Arduino website is... fine.

Of course if you're looking for someone to hire, I could be of service.

Unfortunately I already purchased the mega 2560 so I'll probably try to just stick with that. Thanks for your input I appreciate it. I'm trying to keep it simple because once I program the controller to run these pushbuttons and rotarys I will never change it most likely. If I have alot of trouble programming it I will get in touch with you. Thanks again.

Polling some buttons and lighting an LED is easy.
Reading multiple rotary encoders is also not hard.
Start with reading the buttons:

byte button2 = 2;
void setup(){
pinMode (button2, INPUT_PULLUP); // wire button to connect pin to Gnd when pressed
void loop(){
  if (digitalRead(button2) == LOW){
  Serial.println ("button2 pressed");
  delay(100); // limit prints to 10 times a second for now

Add more buttons, similarly add LEDs with current limit resistors.

Rotary encoders need some filter parts to go with them, see this datasheet, bottom right of sheet 2.

PEC12R.pdf (367 KB)

Just to be clear so I don't screw anything up, my pushbuttons are 12mm momentary pushbuttons with LEDs built right into them. The LEDs are not separate. And thank you for the code and advice I appreciate it.

@xiwi I sent you a PM

here is how i have 1 rotary encoder and 1 pushbutton wired. i think it is correct but still have no idea how to write code so that when i turn encoder or push push button that it shows in my racing game and i can make things work correctly. the resistors and caps are not the values shown here, i am using 10k resistors and 1uF caps.