Buying 4WD RC Car chassis

Hello folks,

I want to buy a car with chassis like this one:

I already have servo and ultrasonic sensor and would like to use them both with this car chassis. What concerns me is how to attach ultrasonic, servo, arduino and other hardware to the car chassis.

There is a item/robot kit that comes along with all these:

But it's too expensive and I already have most of the items that they sell with this package

Also they listed parts of the kit, and for mounting sensor and servo with the chassis they have those two items: 1 x Acrylic Bracket for HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder 1 x Acrylic Bracket for SG90 Servo

I really have no idea what acrylic bracket is, so after searching on ebay with that term I managed to find this items:

I don't know if any of them will serve me, since I want to have ultrasonic sensor attached on the servo for 180 degree distance sensing.

Also how would attach other hardware to this chassis (microcontroller, DC Motor driver, sensors ..etc)

So if someone bought those items I would like get your opnions and suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

Acrylic is a type of plastic. It's pretty easy to heat up and bend, so you can adjust the position of the sensor with a hairdryer or simliar source of heat.

Aluminum will be good too. You can bend that by hand without heating it. Your local hardware store may have some think aluminum sheet that you can buy cheaply and make any brackets you want. Use "Aviation Snips" or a hacksaw to cut it.

On those two links:

it says it's "Special nylon NTZ" is that same as "Acrylic" ? What I wanted to to is to mount Ultrasonic sensor onto servo motor, so servo should be attached to the chassis.

Hi, Double Sided Tape. Hot Glue.

Tom... :)

Okay I think I will buy this one

and attach ultrasonic sensor to it using hot glue or tape, what you think ?

Also has anyone used this sensors for self driving car or obstacle avoiding,

I read that these do not work well at sunlight does anyone know alternative for it?