C# and Arduino

Hello, I'm new to Arduino programming and programming in general. I'm still learning it though.
I have this task where I have to establish a connection between C# (WPF) and Arduino. Now, I manage to connect the LCD so it outputs the values from the potenciometer like in the picture Picture. Once I have the connection between Arduino and C#, C# must output those values to the "line" form. Speedometer to exact. Image or either to this simple line Image2. So like, in shorter words, How I change the values with the potenciometer, the line in C# must be moving as I do it. I'm very bad at explaining so hopefully You understood what I was saying :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone could help me with this task, I'd be more than happy.
Thanks in advance

You have some Arduino code that you didn't post.
You have some C# code that you didn't post.

Getting serial data out of the Arduino is trivial. Getting serial data into the C# application, in the appropriate thread, is simple. Getting the data from the serial thread to the UI thread is not terribly difficult.

Telling you how to do it without seeing any code is nearly impossible.


Too bad I can't get to them. Use Reply (not the Quick Reply field), and the Additional Options link, to post the code HERE.



I still can’t access them. Too bad, because I do have C# and my Arduino happily communicating, so I could help you.

Maybe this will work

But thank You for interested in helping me out. Really appreaciated

Maybe this will work

No. Reread reply #2.

[arduino](MEGA MEGA MEGA)

I give up. Good luck.

last try. X.x

No need to re-invent the wheel .


If you Google, there are plenty of other tutorials.