Calibrating the MPU6050 and power off memory

Just a quick question here

So I’ve been playing with the MPU6050 gyro/accel and quickly I’ve learned that it has a drift to it. On the Teapot demo the figure displayed drifts slightly even though the sensor is still.

I uploaded a piece of code from the I2Cdev library (IMU_Zero, attached, hopefully) and it zeroed the sensor. Then I ran this code from online that prints the measured angle and it should read the angle to be 0. However once the chip is turned off (i.e. the Arduino is also turned off) then I try measuring angles again, it doesn’t retain the calibration

Does this mean for every time I use it in my projects in the future that I have to first run the calibration code? Or is there a workaround?

Kind regards and advanced thanks

IMU_Zero.ino (11.1 KB)