Can anyone help me to program a line follower based pick up and place robot

I am from bangladesh.i have a project of line follower based pick up and place robot.but I am new in I can not do the program of this line follower based pick up and place robot.can anyone help me?????

Yes. Many experienced and knowledgeable forum members will be pleased to help you. But most of them will not do the coding for you. Forum members want to help you to learn to code. Coding is an important skill to learn if you want to build a robot.

Do not begin by attempting to write the whole code for the robot. Begin with the most simple actions like moving forward and stopping, not even following a line. Write code and test it until it is working. Then add another simple function, test again and then add a third simple function. Progressing step by step will help you learn to write code without the code becoming too complex too quickly.

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Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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