Can Arduino do this ArtWork?

Can Arduino do this ArtWork? Any programmers out there to collaborate with?

Basically, i am doing a media wall with 1000 points of stepper motors. However i need to transfer information from 3d software to these 1000 steeper motors. I can be reached at if i fail to see this thread reply. Thanks much.


eooojj: Can Arduino do this ArtWork? [...] Basically, i am doing a media wall with 1000 points of stepper motors.

Well it depends on your requirements and on how you organise your steppers, but if it's just to bridge the gap between the motor drivers and the computer, the Arduino should be powerful enough and even have enough RAM.

Those 1000 stepper motors need to driven electrically somehow. Do you have some plan how you want to do that? What's your budget? If you get the stepper motors for $1 you might need to spend another $1 or more per motor to drive them. Custom boards to drive the motors should start to make sense at this scale. Or do you plan to address them as a matrix? The programming of the Arduino depends mostly how the hardware is solved and the hardware will determine the costs.

By the way, the installations shown might work with cheaper DC-motors. For the second one, attach small propellers to it and you just need to control the direction. In the first example, if the flower gears are driven with a rubber wheel, you can also get away with just running the motor more or less the appropriate time. Those motors usually cost less than what steppers cost.


It might be easier if you asked the question in just one place, posting it 5 times will get you answers on different places, people won't know what's already said, some will needlessly put energy in answers already given in other threads eooojj.

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