Can arduino send data to 5G RAN network (RADIO ACCESS NETWORK)?

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I have a question I wanted to know if it is possible to send data from an arduino card to a 5G radio network ?
Before I used LORA technology and it works great but since 5G is the future I wanted start researching arduino and 5G and how does it work

I already have an architecture and it looks like this


I think you are opening a can of worms, if LoRa does the job what is the problem?
At the moment things like 5G modems are extremely expensive (more than a 5G phone as far as I can tell).

You have some requirements? LoRa fits the requirements? Then you are good.
5G is expressly designed for high bandwidth connections (like HD video) in congested metropolitan areas, and is still rolling out.

Have you considered a GSM or 4G modem? These are available at sensible prices and are heavily used in the real world so won't be going away in a hurry just because 5G is here.

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And if I recall correctly, to get the bandwidth necessary for 5G, the comms is shorter distances so that the cells are smaller.

Thank you for your answer.
First I don't have a money problem.
second the idea is to compare Lora technology and 5G technology and demonstrate that 5G is the future

I have a lab.

my question is does Arduino support the 5G ?

Arduino has nothing to do with 5G, but you might be able to find a 5G module that can be interfaced to an Arduino MCU.

I've already mentioned 5G modems, which is how you can talk serial over 5G. The Arduino is just a microcontroller, its not aware of anything RF.

I think I haven't understood yet
how the modem will interact with the arduino ?
or else you want the data to be sent via the modem ?

Most commonly via the UART serial port.

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