CAN-BUS data from vehicle, which modules to use?

Sorry if this topic has been covered too many times, but I am confused on which modules to use for my project.

I have been building an Arduino dashboard to display engine data (RPM, temperature, etc.) from a Motec ECU using it's CAN-BUS wires (no OBDII port). I have seen many other projects doing something similar, but have approached it in many different ways, such as using Teensy's and a CAN-BUS shield from Sparkfun.

I am currently using a Mega2560. Due to size limitations and lack of port, the shield cannot be used. I have seen others using modules like the MCP2551, MCP2515, and even SN65HVD230. Some have used one, while others have shown using them in conjunction. Since I am only receiving data from the ECU to display on a screen on the Arduino and not sending commands, which module(s) should I use?

I have been looking at these:
MCP2551: MCP2551 high-speed CAN protocol controller bus interface module -
SN65HVD230: SN65HVD230 CAN bus transceiver communication module for arduino -

Thank you.