Can I control an Invenscience i00800 Torxis Servo with the Arduino uno?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum as you can see <. My name is Lodi, 20, Automotive Engineering student and I am from The Netherlands.

I am currently doing an internship at an automotive company. My assignment is to design and make an Electric Throttle Control for the engine dynamometer.

For the servo I chose the Invenscience i00800, this 0-12VDC servo is very powerfull and suites my needs.
I already came across the Arduino uno once before and now that I am considering to use it, I have a question:

(Build up): The servo needs an external 12V supply, not only because it is designed this way but also because that puts less stress on the Arduino itself(right?).

Will I be able to control the 12V servo with a PWM signal from the Arduino? Or do I need to wire/solder in more components?
As I understand the Arduino works with 0-5V signals, hence my question.

Thanks in advance, and please be gentle, I am relativly new to this and therefore a little cautious.



Please post a link to the datasheet for the servo you are proposing to use.


There you go:

Thanks in advance,


Following quote from the data sheet

It accepts position commands from standard Hobby Radio Control units or microcontrollers

From a control point of view this is a perfectly normal servo and the Arduino Servo library will control it.

Make sure the servo has its own power supply (NOT the Arduino 5v pin) and connect the servo GND to the Arduino GND.


Thanks for the help !

amazingly power full, but slow motor.