Can I pass through an audio signal coming in to one pin to be passed through to another pin

So I got an arduino uno and I was wondering whether I can pass through an audio signal coming in to one pin to be passed through to one or two pins.

So I would like it to work like this

  1. pin: gets audio signal
  2. pin: outputs that same signal
  3. pin: ouputs that same signal from pin 1

Is it possible to do that and if so, would the passing through of the signal add any delay?

(so what I am thinking of doing is passing through the signal of 5 pins (the 5 pins of an aux connector) and pass that through one by one to another aux connector in case a switch is flipped)

Thanks in advance

what's the purpose of sending it out from an arduino pin?
why not just use the same wire the signal came from?

I am planning to hook up the aux connector to a switch so I can switch between two output sources. I don't have a switch that can turn on/off all the 5 pins coming from one aux jack at once but I do have a spare arduino

Can you please describe this "signal"? If it is digital, it must be serial data. where is it coming from?
How fast is the signal? Can your Arduino process it that fast?

The signal is analog, coming from a PC and I am not sure how I can check if the arduino I have available is fast enough

An Arduino Uno does not have analog outputs. Relays are probably your solution.

look for Audio multiplexer. An Arduino might not be the ideal go through component but could be used to select input

see Arduino Analog I/O Multiplexer | Hackaday for example (mind specifics such as impedance etc)

Relays are the easiest solution. There are analog switch ICs which are more "high tech" but you have to be careful with the design to avoid getting switching noises into the audio. With relays you should also have resistors to ground (maybe 10K to 100K) to keep unconnected inputs/outputs from "floating".

Or possibly you can just use some regular switches or a rotary switch...

There is no need for anything digital unless you want to control the switching digitally.

Note that it's OK to connect two or more inputs together. i.e. You can connect two (or more) amplifier inputs to your computer's line or headphone output at the same time.

However, you shouldn't "short" two outputs together... Don't connect your computer and TV to the same amplifier at the same time. Using two audio sources at once requires a mixer.

Like sterretje says - The regular Arduino doesn't have an analog output (no digital-to-analog converter). And the analog-to-digital converter is only 10-bits, and NO it's NOT fast-enough for good-quality audio.

You could use a CD4066 to switch your analog signal through a digital command.

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