Can I replace a DFRobot Arduino Uno R3 with a Arduino MEGA 2560 I need more sram


I built a micro servo robot from this site Micro Servo Robot - 3D Printed Version by OpenSourceClassroom - Thingiverse

I used a DFRobot Arduino Uno R3 but when I load the program I get a “Low Memory, may cause instability”
I think it said I was low on sram.

It seems like it is trying to run, but it had to get moving, sometimes it will move the servos once I have trained them

I don’t know how to modify the program so I thought I would get a controller with a bigger memory like the Arduino MEGA 2560

Any Ideas

Dan Hanson

Any help greatly apprecieated

Hi, First, just what does the compiler show for both program and dynamic memory when you compile??

You may be able to move text strings to program memory with the F command.

Like Serial.println("This is text taking up bytes");

change to Serial.println(F("This is text taking up bytes")); // MATCH the ( and )