Can i use c++ and GTK++ to make a GUI

I want to make a GUI to control Ardouino with. I want to program it with C++ and GTK. Is this possible?

If it is the GUI you are wanting to program with C++ and GTK then yes this is possible.

The Arduino will communicate over serial so what ever language you use for the GUI it has to be able to handle simple serial data. Most people use “Processing”

Ok , but is this very difficult? I am not very pro with C++, GTK++ or the ardouinolanguage.

Ok , but is this very difficult?

You’re the only person who can possibly answer that question!

I am not very pro with C++, GTK++

so why did you say:-

I want to program it with C++ and GTK. Is this possible?

Why do you not take the easy route and use Processing at the PC end and the normal c/c++ at the arduino end.

At the end of the day you either want to use the Arduino OR you want to learn GTK, it seems to me trying to learn two things at once will end up with you learning none.

Nearly every current language supports serial I/O. (except Microsoft languages have been really good at making serial I/O hard… that’s long story that a google search can assist with)

The answer of course is that you can use almost any language you want.

You need to pick something you can be comfortable with. Starting off with C++ and GTK for a first project is sort like asking to drive a Formula 1 car after getting your learners permit. It can be done… but you’ll spent a lot of time “messing up”.

Maybe PYTHON or PERL are easier for you to learn… or TCL/TK… or liberty basic, visual basic, realbasic.

Shop around… there are lots of ways to make a gui interface… many are completely free. If C++ is not what you know… you really will have a difficult time creating a pretty gui for serial I/O.

Ok, i’ill take a look at some other languages. but i know some C++ but i am not very good at it.

Off corse i will learn one thing berfore any other things step for step.