Can i use the arduino as a Dtmf Controller???

I was wondering if there were any way to use or program an arduino to control relays much like a DTMF Controller. Any Help Would be much Appreiated.


Yes it is possible if you want to control the relays, your own relays. I don't think you can change those. How do you want to control them?

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If you mean can a arduino directly decode an audio DTMF signals and then use the data to control relays, then the answer is maybe. I think I've seen some arduino based quasi FFT based dtmf decoding attempts, but it is a real task to take on I think that unless you can find such a proven and tested dtmf library it would be a difficult project.

I would use a DTMF decoder chips and wire it's 4 bit binary output pins and data strobe lines to the arduino, then it would a very simple task to read the DTMF data and take action in your arduino sketch as you desire and require. These DTMF decoder chips include all the good low level analog filtering and other things that can be difficult to do in software. MT8870 is one past popular DTMF decoder chip.


Thanks for the replies…There is a project that is called the Asylum Door, the DTMF controller detects the audio and from lets say a DVD and sends the signal to 110 v relays to trigger solenoids and stroke cylinders. i’m am very new to this type of setup and really cant afford the pre-made controllers.
Something Similar to these

The D4 DTMF controller board can be used to synchronize “audio” events (such as a sound effect in a video) to “mechanical events” (such as the firing of a solenoid).